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A walkie talkie or a mobile station is a two-way radio, which means that it is both a transmitter and a receiver. They use waves to transmit voice, so they can work in any type of environment, even in areas where we do not have a mobile signal. Transceivers are very valuable instruments in various professional sectors such as hospitality, commerce, industry, surveillance or outdoor activities. Discover which are the best products for your needs.

Pihernz understands the importance of smooth and efficient communication to ensure the smooth running of business. Its radio communication devices, such as walkie-talkies and transmitters, allow instant and clear communication between staff, improving coordination and efficiency in the provision of customer services.


For this sector where real-time communication is essential for an efficient operation, Pihernz offers robust and durable solutions. Its VHF or UHF band radio equipment guarantees wide and reliable coverage, allowing effective communication even in challenging environments. This helps to coordinate tasks, optimize workflows and increase security in industrial and logistics environments.


Pihernz provides advanced solutions that enable secure and confidential communication. Its radio communication systems are designed with encryption and privacy features, guaranteeing the confidentiality of communications in sensitive environments. This facilitates coordination between security teams and improves response in critical situations.


Pihernz offers radio communication equipment that is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor adventures, such as hiking, camping or team sports. Its walkie-talkies and portable devices are compact, rugged and boast a long battery life, ensuring reliable communication even in remote areas.

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Pihernz is dedicated to providing radio communication solutions adapted to the needs of professionals in sectors such as hospitality and commerce, industry and logistics, surveillance and security, as well as leisure and outdoor activities. Its focus on quality, innovation and customer service has enabled Pihernz to become a trusted and recognized provider in the radio communication industry for professionals throughout Europe.

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