Why Dynascan?

Dynascan Professional Radio

Dynascan is a professional radio communication brand created in 1989 by the company Pihernz Comunicaciones. It markets radio communication equipment, such as walkie-talkies and transmitters, aimed at professionals in all sectors such as hospitality and commerce, industry and logistics, surveillance and security, and also for those who need this type of product for their leisure and sports activities outdoor.
Since its creation, Dynascan has been committed to innovation to offer its customers the most modern and technologically advanced equipment. In addition to a wide range of free-use PMR-446 walkies, Dynascan also offers VHF or UHF band transmitters and walkies for professionals and radio amateurs.

In 2016, Dynascan launches one of its emblematic walkies on the market: the elegant 1D mini-transceiver available in black and white. In 7 years they have sold more than 40,000 copies for use in shops, hotels and other activities.

Buying Dynascan means being sure that you are buying quality walkie-talkies and transmitters, approved for use in Europe, reliable at all times and that you will have a qualified technical service for anything you need such as equipment programming, repair, etc. Do not hesitate any longer, contact our team of professionals so that we can advise you on which models will be the most suitable for your business or your professional activity.

Pihernz Comunicaciones S.A.

Founded in 1943 by Antonio Hernández Bernús and Josep Mª Pi Tramunt, Pihernz Electrical Specialties offered services of sale, installation and repair of telephone, radio and electricity. In the 1960s, Pihernz created a radio division professional and it was from the 70s that he began to record radio brands such as Dynascan, Jopix, Jetfon, Kombix, Super Star and PC.

In the decade of the 90s, the business increased with the obtaining of the exclusivity for Spain of the most important radio brands from Japan such as TOKYO HY-POWER, Alinco, Diamond Antenna. In 1992, the Super Star 3900 was approved in Spain, a radio station emblematic of the company and of the European CB.

Since the end of the 90s, telephony began to decline due to the high competition from mobile telephony. It is when Pihernz decided to focus its  business on radio communication, dedicating its efforts to bring innovation, as well as impeccable commercial and technical service to this market.

The 2010s also mark the beginning of the export of own brands throughout Europe. Pihernz continues to represent major brands in the world of radio and bringing new models to the market to meet all needs.

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